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Polk County Leak Detection

Polk County Leak Detection

Polk County Leak Detection is the premier swimming pool leak detector service provider serving Polk County. When you call us you are reaching an local office in Polk County and not someone in Tampa or Orlando. With our full complement of services including a 90 day detect and repair guarantee unlike most companies that offer 30 days and all major repairs are guaranteed for 1 year. Offering the best in leak detection and pool repair services for residential and commercial property management customers.

No single amenity enhances the value of your home or adds to your enjoyment like a pool. With proper care your pool can be a rejuvenating source of enjoyment for friends and family but it takes work and knowledge to keep your swimming pool in top condition. If you are buying a home with a pool take a look at our Pool Inspection information. You may also want to schedule an appointment for what we call Pool School.

Let Polk County Leak Detection do the work necessary to ensure your pool is not leaking and causing you more grief than enjoyment. We offer Resurfacing Contractor Leak Protection programs based on your every customer's unique needs. Before you begin your next resurfacing job, give us a call for an unbeatable 1 year guarantee.

With Polk County Leak Detection you can rest assured that your pool is receiving the attention necessary to give you years of worry free enjoyment provided by dependable, ethical leak

Our Pool Services

Pool Inspection

Buying a new home? Let us come out first. We will inspect the pump, motor, filter, and chlorinator. The structure of the pool will be inspected including the surface, tile, lights, skimmers, return/jet /vac collars, and main drains (when it is visually possible). Heat pumps & gas heaters will also be inspected. A written evaluation of the over-all condition of the pool will be provided before you purchase the home.

Pool School

New to owning & operating a pool? Let us show you the ins and outs of your pool/spa! We’ll take the necessary time to instruct you on the proper operation of your pool’s system. At this time we’ll label all of the valves and the above ground plumbing. We can give you a crash course in basic water chemistry and provide you with necessary pool care information.

Contractors Leak Protection

Are you tired of dealing with leaking pools?
Are you tired of paying for leak detection?
How many times have you heard, "My pool did not leak until it was resurfaced!”?

At Polk County Leak Detection, we offer a unique service called Leak Protection. We will come in on new pool construction or on a renovation just before the surface is applied. All return, vacuum, skimmer, main drain collars and light niches will be sealed with hydraulic cement.
Both the upper and step tile will be inspected and grouted as needed, (at an additional charge). The pool will then be guaranteed not to leak for 1 year (excluding pipe breaks, neglect,or acts of nature).

This can be a great selling point for your customers and if added to your proposal, you will never have to pay for leak detection again. You simply give our dated card to the customer when the pool is complete. If the pool leaks, you won’t hear from them or have to deal with it!
Consider it “Leak Insurance."

Leak Detection

We are a full service pool leak detection company providing complete diagnostic and repair, including:
  • Leak Detection & Repairs
  • Water Leaks
  • Epoxies
  • Salt Water Swimming Pools
Leak detection process is as follows:
  1. The pool/spas equipment is checked for any leaks or drips.
  2. A complete inspection of the structure, tile, skimmers, lights, returns/jets, main drains, spillovers, waterfalls etc. is performed.
  3. In most cases the leak is minor and the repair is made with an underwater epoxy at no additional charge. Both the detect and repairs are guaranteed for 90 DAYS not 30 like most companies.
  4. If it is determined that the plumbing is leaking, we then pressurize it with air and water. Using our state of the art electronic equipment, the leak is then pin-pointed and an estimate given for the repair.
We work on all types of pool surfaces including:
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Marcite
  • Tile
90 Day Guarantee
Both the detect and repairs are guaranteed for 90 DAYS not 30 like most companies.


Contact Us

  • Upon arrival they did a courtesy inspection of the light fixtures etc and then used a sound detection sensor to sweep the pool and located the leak at the main drain. They then removed a stripped screw and did an epoxy patch of the screw hole. No adverse cosmetic effect and the leak has disappeared. The team was professional, informative and friendly with their approach to our problem.

    William S.
  • Their work was professional, informative and we would recommend Polk County Leak Detection to anyone.

    Colleen S.
  • Came out to my dads home the very same day I called. Very professional and pinpointed my dads pool leak within 20 minutes. Thank you for the fast professional service!!!!!!!

  • I highly recommend this company! Very knowledgeable and honest. He goes above and beyond in his services. You don't find too many of these business that are high in integrity and honesty as well as great workmanship.

  • Extremely knowledgeable. Did no try to oversell anything. we made the appointment about two weeks out from the initial leak detection appointment. My husband and I are new pool owners and were quite worried about this and he made sure to answer any question we had.

    Amy H.
  • David, of Polk County Leak Detection was amazing!!! My below-ground swimming pool was leaking water - about 4" per week. I expected the worst news and thousands in repair bills. David showed up, suited up with his air tank and found my leak!! It took him a very short time (maybe 15-20 minutes?) to get a general idea of where the leak was, and within a half hour or so he found the exact problem. (Turns out my husband isn't so accurate with a shovel and punctured one of the pipes that runs across the yard.) Not only did he find the leak, quickly, but he stayed late in order to fix the problem for me (usually a separate, and expensive, plumbing service call). David had other appointments that evening he needed to get to, but after hearing me say that i thought i could fix the pipe myself (my husband was out of town, and I think i'm quite the DIY'er), he knew that I had no idea what it was going to take to fix the pipe, and could potentially make my problems worse. Out of what was probably sheer pity for me (and maybe not wanting that frantic call later that I had caused my entire pool to drain - lol) David agreed to fix the pipe for me, for a fraction of the cost of a return plumbing visit. Turns out, the pipe was actually part of a cluster of pipes. He had to dig it up, cut around the other pipes, then found the crack was bigger than it looked, so he cut away more, and eventually re-routed the pipe a little and put it all back together. It was much more than either of us bargained for, but he did the work cheerfully and only charged me the small fee initially agreed to before he saw how bad the problem was. David will likely never show up to your house in a business suit and tie, but he was very down to earth, friendly, professional and, most of all, very capable. Thank you David!!

  • I would highly recommend Polk County Leak Detection to do any and all work that Dave Solicits. His work is done beyond reproach Very informative and extremely done to professional Standards.

    Ken Ackerman
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